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Find record for previous month

Question asked by danlee on Jul 14, 2013
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Find record for previous month


     I have a script that will give me a 1 if any of the fields date falls within current month.  How can I change it for finding dates that falls from previous month?

     Here is the script for current month.  Just need it to change to give me a 1 for dates that falls in previous month.

Let ([
SummaryYrMo = Year(StrategyDate) & Right ("0"&Month (StrategyDate); 2);
Today= GetAsDate (Get(CurrentHostTimeStamp));
TodayYrMo = Year (Today) & Right ("0" & Month (Today); 2)];
Case (TodayYrMo = SummaryYrMo; 1; 0)