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    Find records ....where enter key is pressed



      Find records ....where enter key is pressed


           Hi..is there any way to find records ...in where enter key is pressed....


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               If you enter find mode, specify some find criteria and then press the enter key that is part of your keyboard's numeric keypad, the find will be performed.

               But I suspect that isn't what you had in mind.

               Please describe what you want, your basic skill level with FileMaker and what version and OS you are using so that we can better answer the question. Please Help Us to Help You...

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                 Howdy Phil,

                 I understood the question, 'cause I face the same thing and haven't figured it yet...I do it the long way (only a couple hundred records and 30minutes to kill anyway).

                 If a user puts a carriage return in a field, the field stores it as a carriage return...it can create a bit of havoc in relationship filtering.

                 So if I get a database where in the "LastName" field someone has written "Smith¶"  I want the "¶" found and removed. 

                 But how do I put the "¶" in as a find criteria?  And even if I could (via find script with SetField) it still finds either all records or no records.

                 So how to you isolate the records with "¶" in the field?  That's the question...

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                   Note that one of the ways I tried works well, but isn't the best I'm sure...

                   I did a Substitute...subing out the ¶ with "JellyDonut" (something I KNEW wouldn't ever be in that field)

                   Then did a find for JellyDonut and killed that instead.

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                     Ninja, I think you've made a very good guess based on very limited info, but Sam might post back that he had something completely different in mind with that question also.

                     The calculation field approach works.

                     If you dont' mind locking down the table for a bit, you could also show all records and use Replace Field Contents to find and remove the unwanted returns.

                     Once your data is clean, you can add specify in the Inspector's behavior settings that Return moves the cursor to the next field to keep the character from being entered in the future.

                     Substitute ( yourTable::Field ; ¶ ; "" )