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Find records based upon comparison of two fields?

Question asked by ruhlanma on Aug 16, 2014
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Find records based upon comparison of two fields?


     Another puzzler.  I can't understand why filemaker doesn't provide a query and display as an alternative to find and display.  I have a situation where I have a table of customers with two date fields.  One field contains the last call made and the other contains a followup call date.  When the user creates a call record in the call tracking table it updates this last call made field with the date of the new call entry as long as it is greater than the existing date stored there.  If on that call they record a followup call date, that date is then recorded in the followup call date as long as it again is greater than the currently stored date.


     So I have a customer with lastcall='07/25/2014' and followup as '09/15/2014'


     I want to perform a find that displays any customers where the follow date is greater than the lastcall date.  I can't seem to find a way to do this within the confines of performing a FIND.


     Any ideas?   Thanks in advance