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    Find records that do not match



      Find records that do not match


      I have 2 fields in my database that should match.  One is a calculation, the other manual entry.  I want to create a script to find all records where these 2 field do NOT match.  I tried a quick find using Table::Prop Number Seperated  ≠ Table::Prop Number field without year.  but it didnt' work?  any thoughts?

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          What is the calculation for the field? Type of field (text, number, date?)

          An example of matching fields?

          An example of not matching fields?

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            Field #1 (Proposal Number Separated) = Text, auto enter serial number on creation

            Field #2 (Proposal Number field without year) = Calculation, result number right(Proposal number; 5)


            This does NOT match…someone created a proposal and then changed the number.  Both numbers should be 22987.  IT happens if someone edits creates a Revision, Addendum, etc.  When they create a new record, it auto enters a new proposal number.  Staff is supposed to revise, but sometimes doesn’t.  I wanted to create a button to find them and correct them…


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              Such fields should not be editable by the user in the first place.

              But you can define a calculation field with a number result with your expression that compares the two fields:
              field1 = field2

              Search for all records with a zero in this field to find all where they do not match.