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Find records then create new data entry fields

Question asked by tomo17 on Jan 19, 2011
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Find records then create new data entry fields


i am using filemaker pro 11 and have had some limited success creating some simple databases.

I am creating a database to record data in a school environment.  At the moment i have been able to create three tables -  a student information table that has name surname, year group and class number; a year/class table; and a table that shows the sports taught in specific years.

I have been able to generate finds so that i can get students in a particular class or year.

I am stuck on the next step where i want to search for a class and then add the assessment fields for a chosen sport ie yr 8 class 1 sport volleyball

For each of the sports there is a number of skills that are given a numerical score ie for volleyball -  a set, a dig, a spike etc

Once entered this information then feeds back into a summary page that generates some grades for reporting.

My questions are:

- Do i need to create a table for each sport with the skill areas that are being assessed or can i put it into one table?

- will i need a layout for each sport?

- how do i create a script so that finds the relevant students in a class then goes to an entry page for the sport?

I hope this makes sense.  Any help greatly appreciated.