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FIND RECORDS without changing the open record

Question asked by GaryMak on Aug 1, 2011
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FIND RECORDS without changing the open record


How do you find a subset of records without changing the open record you are in?

I have a data base of several hundred accounts and have a FIND script  to find a subset of those accounts.  It does this successfully. (There are 51 accounts that meet this criteria and the script correctly finds this subset of 51 based on matching the criteria from a specific field ("company name.))  This isn't the problem.

The problem is that I am in a given record when I click this Find Script but then the Script finds all the 51 records in the subset and changes the open window to a different record!  (It's always the same record, and it is NOT alphabetical.)  NOTE: The open record I am in when I click the  script is part of the subset!

How do I execut this script to find all the records in the subset but not change the window I am working in?  It is important, since there is data executed in other fields in an open window that calculate results based on the totals from the subset.

Hope I explained the problem clearly enough and it's not confusing.