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    Find records without the defined field on form



      Find records without the defined field on form


      Hello! I am using FM11. Trying to see how I can find records from a Table by using a form that doesn't have the field defined.  For example...I have one form that has the initial data input. The second form is for updates but I want to be able to search by diffent elements but I don't want them to show up or take space on the form.  So, my fields for form #1 have name, date, market, account, next steps, etc.  On form #2 I only need the account and next steps and I want to be able to add data to the table like Status.  That will be a new field on form #2.  I may want to search the records by MARKET or NAME but I don't need those on form #2.  Any suggestions on how I can do that?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Fields are not defined on layouts. They are defined in tables.

          Do these two layouts refer to the same table or different tables?

          If the same table, do they both show exactly the same table occurrence name in "Show Records From" in the layout setup... dialog?

          If so, then for manual searches where you select find mode and type in criteria, you can just switch to Layout #1, perform your find the switch to layout #2 to do your editing. For scripted searches, where the script doesn't need criteria from the user, you wouldn't even need to change layouts.

          However, two layouts often means two tables or possibly two different table occurrencs of the same table. (A "table occurrence" is one of the "boxes" found at Manage | Database | Relationships.)