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Question asked by flamecoder on May 6, 2010
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Find Request


I would like to preform a find from AppleScript. To use the do script command, I'm putting what I need to find into a global variable field then doing a Perform Find. However my variable is not reconized in the Perform Find step. I click the Specify button in Perform Find, click New, select field for search, add == operator, then type $Insignia.

Set Variable [$VariableName; Value:LayoutName::GlobalField]
Perform Find [ Restore]

I have also tried doing a find request using just AppleScript and this will result in a find but if I change the "SomeString" to another value and run it again I get the last found item and the current found.

tell application "FileMaker Pro"
tell database "NameOfDataBase"
show every record
delete every request
set MyRequest to create new request
set cell "NameOfField" of MyRequest to "SomeString"
go to (find)
end tell
end tell

Can anyone get me going in the right direction please???