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    Find request equals value from another table



      Find request equals value from another table


           I have a question.  I'm writing a script where I want to check whether or not an area code in Table1::Areas exists in Table2::Areas.  

           In the Edit Find Request, I chose  Find Records When:   Table1 Areas 

           Criteria:  = Table2::Areas

           But this just literally searches for the characters "Table2::Areas"

           How do I do this?  Essentially, if it does find a match, i want it to Omit the records and then delete all remaining records when it is done.


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               A relationship would seem in order for this search to work.

               Table1::Areas = Table2::Areas

               Then, from a layout based on Table1, you can use * as the sole criteria to find all records in Table 2 with a matching value in areas. If you make this an Omit request, you will find all records in Table1 where the value in area does NOT match any record in Table 2.

               And if you already have a different relationship linking table 1 to table 2, you can make a new Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of Table 2 and use it both for the relationship and your find.