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Find request in script for portal row

Question asked by AmberDavis on Aug 8, 2014
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Find request in script for portal row


     This scripts job is to go through every portal row and check for duplicate records. To check duplicates it compares records on a different layout ShopOrders which lists all completed ShopOrders in list form. The problem is in the script, when it enters find mode, the result isn't an exact match.

     For example, if ordering Jaw Cylinder(only)...Jaw Cylinder Black and Jaw Cylinder White will appear as well. I have tried putting Transactions::Item ==$ShopItem, PurchaseOrders::Serial# ==$SerialNum and PurchaseOrders::POSaved =="Yes" into Enter find mode (specify) as well and that doesn't work either. What could the issue be?

     Also after it finishes the first record it will move onto the blank portal row and say no duplicates found. How can I fix this? I am thinking something with an if statement and Get(RecordNumber) and a -1?