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Question asked by Sunny1 on Sep 13, 2010
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I have a list of database of schools and they have a "type" field and a "grade" field.  Type would be if they are Public, Private or Charter.  Grade would be College, Adult, Preschool, Intermediate, etc.  I want to be able to pull certain types and grades of schools on one list.  When I pull up my main Schools List and perform a find for Public and Adult, preschool and College, the sort changes (which is alphabetical within each district) so when I attempt to re-sort correctly, the list changes to include ALL types of schools instead of just Public.  To temporarily fix this, I added a field of "OMIT" on each school record and placed an X in the ones I do not want on this one list, then copied the script from the original report and added the FIND selection here to only pull Public schools and OMIT any with an X in OMIT.  It works for this exercise but I will want to use this report in the future where I limit the schools inwhich I pull.  I there an easy way that I can tell it to pull this type and this grade rather than going abou it the long way?  In ACCESS, I was to use Parameters that would appear in a dialog box when I pulled this report, then I could indicate the selection I wanted and it would pull the proper records.  Is there a similar feature in FileMaker Pro?