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      Find Request Question


      I have a list of database of schools and they have a "type" field and a "grade" field.  Type would be if they are Public, Private or Charter.  Grade would be College, Adult, Preschool, Intermediate, etc.  I want to be able to pull certain types and grades of schools on one list.  When I pull up my main Schools List and perform a find for Public and Adult, preschool and College, the sort changes (which is alphabetical within each district) so when I attempt to re-sort correctly, the list changes to include ALL types of schools instead of just Public.  To temporarily fix this, I added a field of "OMIT" on each school record and placed an X in the ones I do not want on this one list, then copied the script from the original report and added the FIND selection here to only pull Public schools and OMIT any with an X in OMIT.  It works for this exercise but I will want to use this report in the future where I limit the schools inwhich I pull.  I there an easy way that I can tell it to pull this type and this grade rather than going abou it the long way?  In ACCESS, I was to use Parameters that would appear in a dialog box when I pulled this report, then I could indicate the selection I wanted and it would pull the proper records.  Is there a similar feature in FileMaker Pro?

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          There seems to be some confusion here between finding records and sorting them.

          If you perform a find for all records with Public in the Type field and Adult in the Grade field and then sort the records, the other records that are not adult and not public should not be an issue as they are no longer part of the found set. (Think of the found set as a kind of Recordset like you deal with in Access.) Simply choosing a different sort order sorts the records in the found set. It does not change what records are in the found set.

          You'll need to look at exactly how you are finding and sorting records as well as how you are storing grade and type information in your records to figure out why this isn't working for you.