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    Find Requests for Relational tables



      Find Requests for Relational tables


           I'm trying to set a find request that differentiates from my clients that purchased and ones that have just register.

           Example Tables


           What kind of find can I make 

           Registration:Consultant=="DEBORAH" and IsEmpty(Invoice:Invoice_ID) or isEmpty(Customer:Cust_ID)


           I know I can make a field That has the value "purchased" or "not purchase" but would like to stay away from that,  for other certain reasons but will if there no other solutions.

           Any help would be great thanks

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               I am assuming these relationship details:

               customer::CustomerID = Invoice::CustomerID

               If so, then...

               Go to a layout based on Customer. that has either Invoice::CustomerID or Invoice::InvoiceID also located on that layout. (can be in a portal or not in a portal).

               enter find mode and put an "*" into one of those two ID fields from Invoice. This will find all customers that made at least one purchase.

               To find all customers that did NOT make at least one purchase, do the same, but then also click the "omit" button in the status tool bar.

               And omit type finds can also be scripted: Scripted Find Examples

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