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Find requests returning intermittent results

Question asked by JaysonBowles on Aug 21, 2014
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Find requests returning intermittent results


     Hi all,

     I have some strange find results occurring in a database since its conversion to fmp12.  It concerns two related tables, one called Events, the other called Bookings.  The Bookings table contains the individual dates and venue records for each Event record; they’re related via Events::EventNumber which is a unique number for each event.

     The Events table contains a field called MinDate, the calculation for which is =Min(Bookings::Date).  Obviously, it returns the lowest (or earliest) date for an event from its related Bookings records and it’s set to recalculate as needed.  When I perform a search based on this field, it returns patchy, yet consistent, results.  Some (and only some) event records I know exist are not being returned while others outside the search criteria are returned.  Taking a single troublesome record, if I search for it by EventNumber, it will return the record, displaying the correct MinDate.  If I then perform a find on MinDate for that exact date, it returns no results.

     I’ve tried in vain to find the cause but so far I’m at a loss. I’ve no idea why some records are affected and others not. Any thoughts or ideas?  We’re currently running FM13 on Win7 but the fault first appeared after fmp12 conversion about a year ago.  Prior to this, results from a find based on this field were not faulty.

     Kind regards, Jayson