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    Find result default change



      Find result default change


      When you perform a simple find for a field, FM brings up the found set in order of creation ( I guess ). This appears to be the default result sort. 

      Is there a way that you can change this standard default so that a simple find returns the most recent record created first?

      I know that you can creat a script based on a creation date field to do something like this, but I was wondering if it is possible to change the FM default in this way.

      Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

      I have FMPro Advanced 11.0 v3
      OS - Windows Vista on desktop, Windows 7 on laptop

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          No change to the default which is the unsorted order--almost always the creation order unless you have imported the records from another copy of the file while the records were sorted in a different order such as migh happen when deploying an updated version of your database.

          Sorting by a serial number field in descending order would also put the most recently created record first.

          And a script trigger can be set to sort your records when you exit find mode to sort your found set into a different order.