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Find results reporting first portal row only - help!

Question asked by TenaciousG3 on Mar 12, 2010
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Find results reporting first portal row only - help!


I posted this question in another lenghty topic before I figured out what it was doing and now that other post is wordy and filled with unnecessary info, so I figured I would post the question more concisely here.  I hope that's ok.


I'm trying to perform a search in one layout, and the results are only returning the information from the first row of a portal in another layout, not the actual data needed.


I have a databse with 3 tables, A, B and C, with Table B being a join table.  I have a layout based on Table A with a portal to Table B where related records are entered through the portal.  Table C contains information linked to both Table A and B. I have a layout based on Table C where there are fields from all 3 tables.  I perform a search in that layout, entering my search criterea into one of the fields that is native to Table B, but used through the portal in Table A to enter the data. The results always only return the information from the first row of the portal, regardless of what I enter into the search field.  For example, say I have 5 records from Table B appearing in the portal.  The field I'm trying to search has a number, 1 through 5, in the field appearing in that order.  I do a search for number "4" in the table C layout.  The search returns other information correctly related to that record, but the number "1" always appears in my found results when it should be "4".  So it appears that the find is able to figure out what record I'm trying to find, but it keeps giving me the information that appears in the first row of the portal only.


Any ideas how to fix this?





FMP10A, Mac OSX 10.5.8