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Find routine gives wrong result when used in a popover

Question asked by Stu412 on Apr 29, 2015
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Find routine gives wrong result when used in a popover


Hi there

I have a DB set up which shows companies and contacts.  I have a search routine on the company layout which lets you find a company by clicking a popover, entering a search string into a global field which is in turn passed to Enter Find Mode in a script to get the required record.  This works fine.

I'm looking to do the same for contacts.  When I merely place the global field directly on the contact layout with a script trigger On Exit to run the equivalent search script, it runs perfectly.

When I create a popover and drag the global field into the popover, instead of going to the contact record, the search results brings you to the COMPANY for which the contact works.  That's odd.

I *think* it may have something to do with object naming but given I've just created a new global field and new popover on the contact layout, I cannot see where FM is getting the instruction to goto the company layout.

If I place the global field on the layout with 'Move to next object' all ticked for Tab, Enter and Return, it takes me to the Company layout.  If I run the find script using a button I've created, it takes me to the correct contact layout.  

I've had issues with object names before (when copy pasting a named object, FM didn't respect the fact that I renamed the pasted instance).  Is this something like that??

Most vexed, any ideas would be appreciated.