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Find same result in Multiple fields

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Feb 13, 2012
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Find same result in Multiple fields


Hi guys , need help from experts:)

I have 2 tables ,
01 . diary

02. contacts


in diary i can create day records  and add the contacts as reference. for example if i have meeting with Jhon white Tomorrow i pick the date and create record and select "Jhon white" choosing drop down menu (This contact should be inside the contact table). This is linked with drop down menu that will show the data from contacts "Last Name"(all contacts). This  day record will store in diary table. like this i have 20 fields (Last name1, Last name 2, Last Name  3...etc in diary layout) . in other words i can have 20 meetings for day with differnt clients or same client with diffent time. 

EX: lets say i have meeting with jhon at 9.00  and i have another meeting with him same day at 15:00 , so i can enter this two appoinments in same day. I can use 'Last name 1' field  to assign  meeting with "Jhon White " for 9:00 and i can use Last name 11 to assign meeting with john white at 15:00

What i am looking for

I want to create the report "Contact Report" , That should inculde how many times i contact "John white".  in my previous example i contact 2 times john for same day.

So what i want to filter only john white in entire record set of diary in this 20 fields. (Certainly this has to use contact ID not the name). But i am out of ideas this time. 

Can some body help me to acomplish this ?