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      Find Script


      I have a database which has project id field and a Radio button set. The radio button has "Requested" "Partial Reply" and Completed. I want to have a button that runs a script to produce a report that shows me only "Requested" "Partial Reply" records by a Project ID Entered by the user. Can any one help?

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          here's a very simple one:


          Enter Find Mode []

          Go To Field [ Projects::PrjoectID ]

          Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]

          Perform Find []

          Constrain Found Set [Restore]


          In the first three lines, this script takes the user to the ProjectID field and pauses for the user to enter the desired project id number.


          # In the Constrain Found Set Script Step, click specify find requests and Omit "Completed".

          you will be left with only Requested and Partial Reply




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            Brill thanks. worked a treat