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Question asked by Annette on Dec 14, 2012
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     I have a client database which captures appointments by varoius professionals on it. 

     It's kind of in stages though, and by that I mean.....

     There is a client table, which is related to a referral table.  This referrals table is where all referalls received for the client are recorded.  This referrals table is related to a service table which records any services that will be involved relating to that referral.  And then there is staff activity related to the service table which shows all the appointments that person offered for their service. 

     I want to create a layout which looks for all appointments by any professional that are set for a client that havent happened yet.  I would like to create a button that when you click it there is a pop up window showing this info. 

     At this point I have the button, there is a script to it that has open new window and I have the size and positions set and I have go to layout and selected the appropriate layout.  Now I want to enter find mode, I'm assuming, and search for any appointments that were offered to this person that haven't occurred yet, regardless of what referral and service they are associated to.  The idea is that so when a professional goes to issue an appointment time to the client they can look up all upcoming appointments so they don't double book the client.  I'm just not how to put that search criteria in. 


     Thanks in advance!