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    Find script



      Find script


           I have a simple Find script. Enters Find Mode, Go to a specific Field.  The user then types in their find, hits enter, and the find is complete.

           I need to add something to this script. When the user hits enter and the find is made, I would like the cursor to go to another field. Can someone please tell me how is this done?

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               Add a go to field step to the end of your script that specifies the field you want to go to. It's the same "go to specific field" step that you are already using so perhaps you are having some issue with how that works?

               You may also find this thread of scripted find examples a useful source of ideas: Scripted Find Examples

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                 When I add this, it skips the field I want to Find and goes to the next field. I need it to pause on the field where the find is, then after the find is completed, go to the next field.

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                   I fixed it. Just added a Pause line in there and that fixed it.

                   Thank you!

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                     Spoke too soon. Here's what is happening.

                     Enter Find Mode.

                     Go to Field                   at this point, the script is perfect. It goes to the field I want to find and stops. I enter the search criteria and hit enter, the next line Pauses. Problem is, it now does not complete the find, but instead goes to the next field.

                     I need to Find based on my criteria, then, go to another field.

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                       Are you using a script trigger to perform a script here?

                       Is there a script trigger such as OnObjectExit on the field to which you want the cursor when the script enters find mode?

                       You shouldn't need anything more than this to do what you describe unless a script trigger is somehow involved here:

                       Enter Find Mode []
                       Go to Field [Specfiy first field here]
                       Pause/resume [Indefinitely]
                       Perform find []
                       Go to Field [Specify the second field here]

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                         PERFECT! That does exactly what I need.

                         Thank you so much.