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Find script (searching a a field for the contents of the field)

Question asked by escargot on Feb 16, 2010
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Find script (searching a a field for the contents of the field)


Hi all, this forum is turning into a hugely valuable reasource for me - much appreciated!


I'm trying to come up with a script that detects the contents of a particular field (in this case 'Client Name'), adds it to a variable, sets up a find and then puts the contents of said variable as the search criteria.


The reason being, the way the database is currently set up, we create a new client record for each new contact within a company. I'd like a button next to the client name field that will automatically find all records with the same client name (just to improve functionality really as obviously we can search manually).


So far, I've got:


Set Variable [$Clientname; Value:Client::Client Name]

Perform Find [Restore]


(within the perform find it has the action of Find Records and the Criteria of Client::Client Name: [= $Clientname] )


This returns an error as it's putting '$Clientname' into the field as the search criteria and not the information stored in the variable.


Any ideas?