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      Find Script Help


      Ok I have a database full of different records. Some of the records have the same contact names but they are a different project. I am trying to create a button that when clicked will search the database for the names on the current record but will find the different projects that they are involved with. The fields are Owner_Name, Rep_Name, and Dev_Name.



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          If the names in each type of field only appear in that field (i.e. john smith only appears in owner_name but not rep_name or Dev_name). You script would look like this...


          set variable [$owner; yourtable::owner_name] 

          set variable [$rep; yourtable::rep_name]

          set variable [$dev; yourtable::dev_name] 

          enter find mode (do not pause)

          set field [yourtable::owner_name ; $owner] 

          new record / request 

          set field [yourtable::rep_name ; $rep] 

          new record / request 

          set field [yourtable::dev_name ; $dev]  

          perform find


          This would find any project that contained the names listed the project that the script was started from.  Then you would just need to add a sort to the end of your script so the result was in the order required.


          As another approach you could also add 3 table occurances of the same table and connect them as


          yourtable::owner_name = owner list::owner_name

          yourtable::rep_name = rep list::rep_name

          yourtable::dev_name = dev list::dev_name 


          then add 3 portals to your layout for each table occurance.  This would provide a list of all three catagories projects where the names matched.  In the portals you could add a go to related record button on the name of the project to navigate to it.   


          If Joe Smith appears in any of the 3 fields the find script would get a bit more complicated (but not too bad) and the portal approach wouldn't work 



          Hope this is helpful,