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    Find Script Question



      Find Script Question


      I am a band director that is using filemaker for instrument auditions. We audition for two sets of grades 9/10 and 11/12 and then by instrument. So I am trying to separate results based on grade and instrument. I need help with a script for example to find all of the 9 and 10 graders and all the clarinets and put them in a list together. 

      I have tried several things and have been able to get all the grades or all the instruments and not together in one list. 

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          Bit hard to be specific when we don't know how you record this information in your database. The way you organize this data into tables and link them in relationships can make a big difference here.

          To find all records where one field reads "clarinet" and the other (number field) reads 9 in some records and 10 in others to show grade level--which may not be what you have at all, you'd do this either manually or in a script:

          Enter find mode

          Specify "clarinet" in the instrument field.
          Specify 9...10 in the second field-- This field must be of type number for this to work with this criteria

          Perform your find.

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            Sorry that I wasn't very informative with my post. 



            I have one table that has multiple fields. For this case I have a field for instrument and a field for Grade. The instrument field contains multiple instruments and the Grade contains 9,10,11,12. 

            Maybe this will help more.

            I have tried to Perform find and added a specify find request for each item. This will work to find all 9/10 regardless of instrument then find all clarinet players regardless of grade. 

            I hope that I am being helpful in describing my issue. I am fairly new to filemaker as I am sure you have gathered. I have done a plenty of searches and have tried every different option I have found online but none of them seem to be working for me. I appreciate all of the help. 


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              Note that in my example, I only used one request. When you specify multiple find requests, you are telling FileMaker "find all records that match the criteria in request 1 OR request 2 OR request 3..."

              You need to specify instrument and grade in the same request.

              For scripted finds, I suggest patterning your script after the examples found here: Scripted Find Examples

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                Thanks for your response again. I apologize for my lack of knowledge. But I now understand that I needed to put everything into the same request. That has now worked and accomplished what I was needing it to accomplish. Thank you again for your assistance.