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Find search term across fields and produce found set

Question asked by relayer on Nov 20, 2009
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Find search term across fields and produce found set


I've asked this before and accepted an answer too quickly, so apologies and here goes again.  

I have an old database in Microsoft Works.  The database was written by someone else and keywords one might use to search with may (or may not) be in any one of four fields. While Works is as old as the hills and clunky in many ways, the one great thing for my purposes is that I can type in a search term, click 'All records' and it will find and bring up all the records with that term whatever the field is.  

I cannot see a simple way of doing this in FM.  I have to type the term in one field, search, then do it again in another field etc.

Any ideas, anyone? 

The answer I had been given was to use the Find/Replace option.  The problem with this is it only finds the next instance of a term.  It does not produce a found set. Perhaps I wasn't specific enough about this before.

If the solution involves scripting please make your instructions idiot-proof as I know nothing about this and really don't want to have to spend hours learning how just for this one thing - its all I'll ever need the database to do.