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Find source of 509 Error

Question asked by lijnbach on Dec 8, 2014
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Find source of 509 Error


Hello everybody,

I have a script using 509 Error. (Fields may not be empty).

If Get [ Get (LastError) = 509 ]

Works all fine. But now I have more fields that may not be empty. Even then the 509 error works fine. What I want, is to find out which field is the source of the error. (At this moment the focus goes to the first field of the table after the error, and not to the appropriate field). I can also use the standard FM dialog box (if ErrorCapture is off). This also works fine, but I have users who don't understand the standard dialog box. That is why I wrote my own script for these kind of messages.

Is there a way to determine the source field of the error?

Thanks in advance,

Hans Lijnbach.