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Find specific value in value list

Question asked by Jim1 on May 5, 2010
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Find specific value in value list


Hi.  I have Filemaker 11 Advanced and am a new user.  I have a value list where the user can select multiple values and I need to find out whether a specific value was selected.  When I use an "if" statement, it doesn't pull results if more than one value was selected in the list.  


For example, the value list could contain "car, boat, plane" and my statement would be 

If (valuelist = "boat"; "you selected boat as an option"; "you didn't select boat")


This works if boat is the only selection, but not if car is also selected.  Basically, I'd like something like:

If (valuelist contains "boat"; "you selected boat"; "you didn't select boat")


I know this is basic, but I'm very new to FM.  Thanks for your help!