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find using search terms from a text field

Question asked by brownriver on Sep 25, 2009
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find using search terms from a text field


FM10; WindowsXP; FM beginner.


I have two text fields, "PRnumber" and "PRnumberRange".

PRNumber is unique to the record, and PRNumberRange is a list of (other) PRNumbers, separated by carriage return. There may or may not be a record for each of the PRNumbers listed in the PRNumberRange field. I want to have a find button that treats the contents of PRNumberRange as individual search terms logically connected by "or", and searches all of my records' PRNumber fields for them. All records that have a PRNumber that appears in the set of numbers in PRNumberRange should be found. I've been trying to do this with a perform find script, but can't for the life of my figure out how to make FM use the contents of one field to look at another. Any ideas? Thanks!