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    Find value from pop-up menu



      Find value from pop-up menu


      A purely cosmetic issue:

      I have a pop-up menu containing the names of my lecturers with a simple script to enter Find Mode on click. I select a name from the menu, and then have to hit return to perform the find.

      Is there a method to eliminate the necessity of hitting return?

      Thanks for your help


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          Well there is a simple way, but it's a little ugly. Set the field with 2 script triggers, and a button.

          Name the field in the inspector (in this case "find"- no quotes,spelling counts).  Make the field a button, and use this script with the parameter "find".  Also set the 1st script trigger for this field-OnObjectEnter, and only run in browse mode. Use this script:

          Enter Find Mode (uncheck pause),

          If (Get (ScriptParameter)= "find" //spelling counts

               Go to Previous Field //only need when script is called from button to pop the menu back up.

          End If

          Add the second script trigger to this field:

          OnObjectModify, with the script step Perform Find [ ]  //no parameters, only available in Find Mode.

          Make sure the field is enterable in browse mode, and it's in your tab order.

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            Thank you for your quick response. It works fine, but there is yet another cosmetic thing:

            When I click on the field to enter browse mode, the field is empty. I need to click a second time to get the values in the pop-up menu.

            Is there a way to have the menu pop-up without an additional click?

            Thanks for your help