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FIND with logical AND in same field

Question asked by kdjamesrd on May 20, 2012
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FIND with logical AND in same field


Trying to perform a Find using a logical AND in the same field.

Have records that contain many variations of "yogurt" and "blueberry":


1. low fat yogurt

2. blueberry yogurt, low fat

3. raspberry yogurt, low fat

4. blueberry muffins

5. blueberry pancakes

6. non-fat blueberry yogurt


Goal: Obtain a found set that contains

1, blueberry yogurt, low fat

2. non-fat blueberry yogurt


My attempted procedure.

Step 1. Find "yogurt" (which shows all records containing the word "yogurt")

Step 2. Use this Found set for another find "blueberry" (which shows all yogurt records that contains the word "blueberry")

Question:  How do I use a Found Set as the basis for the next Find operation?   (I am still new at this, coming from MS Visual Studio and Lightswitch).

Thanks for any advice. :)