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    Find with Portal Tool



      Find with Portal Tool


           I have a simple database. Effectively it has an image with some basic meta-data about the image (i.e., publisher, dimensions, etc.). It has a related table for category. The idea being that you can associate the image with a number of categories. This is a 1 to many relationship. So I used the portal tool to allow for the data entry to associate multiple categories with the image. Works great! No issue there. However, when I go to do a find, I am only able to put one category entry in. What if I want 2,3 or 4 categories to be included in the query? What if I want this to be an "and" and later be an "or" query?


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               Let us consider the database structure is

               Table 1 - ImageInfo

               Table 2- Categories

               So on  layout based on table 1, you ahve placed a portal of Table 2- Categories. For Find purpose create new field in table 1 - imageInfo
               Field Name: CategoryList
               calculation field with formula List ( Categories::Category ), returning text result.

               Place this new filed on layout

               You can search in this field for 'or' as follows
               Enter Find Mode
               Specify search criteria - set search text in CategoryList field
               New Request
               Specify another search criteria - set search text in CategoryList field
               perform Find

               For 'and' Specify multiple search criterias with carriage return separator.

               Note: ImageInfo:CategoryList is unstored calculation field, It does not allow to manually enter 'carriage return' separator. So you can grab search criteria in global field and then set it through script in 'Categorlist' field and perorm a search.

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                 Thanks for the reply. But I'm not quite getting how this will work. I have attached some screen captures to help.

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                   Change the 'CategoryList' field of 'Art Catalog' table as unstored calculation field with result return as text (not number). This will show values in CategoryList field. Then you can search on it.

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                     Ok, I'm new here, but this is an important capability I need to prove out before moving forward with Filemaker. Unfortunately I am not clear on your instructions. Currently I have the field checked for "calculated value" and the "do not replace existing value of field" is unchecked. The "specify" is set to List ( Art Category::Art Category ). I tried just unchecking the "calculated value" box, but that did not seem to make any difference.



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                       In Manage | Database | Fields, select Calculation as the field type and click the Change button. Then click options to open up the specify calculation dialog where you can make sure that you have the correct result type and you can click storage options as MetaSys has suggested.