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find within a found set, then back again?

Question asked by gasolineman on May 9, 2011
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find within a found set, then back again?


so i have a db were i am working in a found set of a date range.  ie: the db is 3 years in length and i did a find to see and work within records only for this week.  i also have a second field called Name that i would like to make a report where i see the records within that found set where the Name field is "bob" then when im done with the report i would like to exit it and go back to the first layout and be in the original found set of the date range for this week.

i can accomplish this manually by simply doing a find for this week and include the Name field for the value "bob" which is ok, but i would like to have a button on the original layout that would take me to the report layout and then back without having to perform the find again.

suggestions or questions?