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    Find within current search set



      Find within current search set


           Monday morning. Should be an easy task.

           I have an order number, I want the company ID number, and go to that record. I have to do it inside a script, but the script must not destory the current search set, if the company is in the current search set. How?

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               Hey John... You can retain the current foundset by finding the "Order Number" in a new window.

               So the script should be like as follows..

               New Window[]

               Enter Find Mode[]

               Set Field []

               Constraint Found Set

               ... // Do your work here

               Close[Current Window] 

               Please let us know if it fulfills your requirement :)

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                 It's also possible, in some cases, to use Go to Related Records (without specifying that it match the current record) to make the specified record the current record within the found set.

                 You could also use a script to loop throught the found set to find the record and make it the current record.

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                   Its possible if you can Go to related records for the current search set for the company to the company orders and from the related records you can get the found set for the Order number, performing a find on the related records for the order number.