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Question asked by mattb on Mar 8, 2010
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How do you do this in FMP?


I have a table of a few hundred records that has one empty field - completely empty, not even spaces.  I would like to replace all these empty fields with the same value.  When i invoke the Find/Replace option under the Edit pulldown menu, I leave Find field empty and put the value I want to replace these empty fields with in the Replace field.  I place the cursor in the first empty field in the table, select direction "Forward", Search Across "all records", Search within "current field".  I then click the Replace All button, but it doesn't work.  Currently my only option is to type the value into the first empty field, copy it to the clipboard and then replace each empty field of the succeeding records individually with a paste.  There's gotta be a way for this to work...any suggestions?




Matt Bloomfield