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Find/Replace Error and Obnoxious Error Noise

Question asked by Mingrl88 on Jul 23, 2013
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Find/Replace Error and Obnoxious Error Noise


     Hi All, 

     I have been able to get rid of the dreaded ".jpg" file extensions in the field names when you import images with a simple find/replace script. However, I am trying to do this without dialog and when the find/replace happens it still needs someone to say "yes go ahead and replace all". Is there a way to tell it to do this? I have been playing around with error messages but that isn't really what is going on, there is an error but it just is asking to validate that infact you do want to perform find/replace of all records. The REALLY annoying thing is that there doesn't seems to be a problem. it seems to figure it out and find/replace correctly but it makes an obnoxious sound after. How do I tell it to follow through with the find/replace and get rid of the obnoxious error noise that it makes EVEN when it seems to have worked correctly??


     Help please! Thank you!