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    Find/Replace function for Objects



      Find/Replace function for Objects


      Is it possible to use the Find/Replace function for Text Objects containing Merge fields, one record at a time?

      Or, is there any way to do a find/replace through script on those objects?

      I'm trying to use FMP to generate letters from survey forms and would like to use a script to check if the pronouns being used match the gender of the user. I guess another option would be to create a variable for the pronoun being used but I hope there's a better solution than that.

      Thanks in advance!

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          I assume you aren't trying to do a find and replace on the layout text (that text is the same for every record), just the data inside the merge fields. Use a layout with the same fields placed as regular fields to do your find and replace operation. When you correct the data in these fields, your merged text will show the same changes.

          If this doesn't work for you, please respond back with a mor detailed description of what you are trying to do here.