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Find/search does not find everything

Question asked by MaxineCooper on Sep 19, 2012
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Find/search does not find everything


     Help please.

     I everyone.  I am new at Filemaker Pro 12 and also about getting into the back of filemaker.


     We have a field where we can type words.  eg finding a cient called ready press print limited.  We used to be able to type 'ready press' and our name would show up.  With the upgrade we can't even find our own name when we type 'ready'  and can only be found with 're' and obviously the list can be large.  But you also get names that don't even have 're' in there name.


     Also - think this i realated, but don't know-  we can do a search on one computer and find the name eg 'fairburn' then go to another computer and that name does not show up in the list even when noone else is on filemaker.


     If anyone can help that would be great.  The person who created the database no longer works here.