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Question asked by . on Jun 18, 2015
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Find/Search Speeds



Please bear with me while I try to explain my problem!  I am very new to Filemaker.

I am currently building a database that is very simplistic at the moment.  It consists of 4 tables.  The first table deals with imports on a daily basis.  The second table is a copy of the first that allows the user to view a portal.  So far so good!  A third table is linked to the first, that allows the user to make a transaction.  It will become essentially an audit trail for every transaction made.  It is scripted to look back at its own records so that the trail is never broken.

My problem is:-  I want to use the third table's data to provide a summary of a current position.  There may be up to twenty transactions that deal with the same item.  I would require the latest modified record to be shown, which I can script.  However, there could be up to 600,000 transactions per year.  Each time I want to perform a search, it would need to search through each transaction, I would also need this to happen x amount of times to show different areas.  Would Filemaker be able to cope with this?  Would this not make it hugely slow?  Therefore, am I approaching this from the wrong angle?

I hope it makes sense.  Any help greatly appreciated