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    Finding a 2 word entry in a List



      Finding a 2 word entry in a List


      This is a contrived example, but demonstrates the problem:

      People can hold more than one 'office' in a company. The field 'List' is a list of those offices held by an individual.

      Examples of the offices are Corporate President/ Corporate Vice President/ Corporate Treasurer/ Unit President/Unit Treasurer.

      There are two people. One holds Corporate President/Unit Treasurer among others. The other holds Corporate Treasurer and Unit President possibly among others.

      I would like to 'Find' just the Corporate Treasurer. I can't do it. I either get no records, or both records, depending on whether I search for 'Corporate Treasurer', '==Corporate Treasurer' or '=Corporate Treasurer'.

      What search criteria will find just the record with the 'Corporate Treasurer' in the List?

      Contact me if you want a link to an fmp12 file that demonstrates the problem


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          "Corporate President"--quotation marks included can find it.

          A relationship using a matching text field and Go To Related Records would be another  method to use here.

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            OK - that almost does it.

            I would have to think a lot about the 'go to related records'. This is one field that may or may not be used in a complex search where there are some 30+ fields that can be 'searched' upon. And there may be subsequent Extend/Constrain requests using those fields. I'm not sure I'm capable of envisioning how that would work - although I may have to figure that out if there isn't a solution to this:

            Now say there is a 3rd record and the value of the List field for this record is simply 'Treasurer' and I want to find just that one.

            Quotation marks around 'Treasurer' finds all 3 records - Treasurer, Corporate Treasurer, and Unit Treasurer.

            Is that resolvable to find just the record with 'Treasurer' in the List?

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              I found a solution.

              Create a new field with the current value of List:

              substitute '¶ ¶' for '¶' in the new field. Append ¶ to the front and back of this new field.

              Search this new field for the desired value appended front and back with ¶.

              It returns the correct result in all the above cases.