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Finding a 2 word entry in a List

Question asked by TomPingel on Aug 7, 2015
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Finding a 2 word entry in a List


This is a contrived example, but demonstrates the problem:

People can hold more than one 'office' in a company. The field 'List' is a list of those offices held by an individual.

Examples of the offices are Corporate President/ Corporate Vice President/ Corporate Treasurer/ Unit President/Unit Treasurer.

There are two people. One holds Corporate President/Unit Treasurer among others. The other holds Corporate Treasurer and Unit President possibly among others.

I would like to 'Find' just the Corporate Treasurer. I can't do it. I either get no records, or both records, depending on whether I search for 'Corporate Treasurer', '==Corporate Treasurer' or '=Corporate Treasurer'.

What search criteria will find just the record with the 'Corporate Treasurer' in the List?

Contact me if you want a link to an fmp12 file that demonstrates the problem