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Finding a conflicting resource within a date Range

Question asked by yaldir on Feb 7, 2011
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Finding a conflicting resource within a date Range


I like to be able to book a "room" within a start and end date. however, I may have other reservations falling into the same date range.  If I have booked a resource previously "RM100"  from 2.21.2011 - 2.24.2011 and now when creating another reservation and enter From Date: 2.21.2011 and ending date 2.22. 2011 or From Date: 2.21.2011 - 2.23.2011 I should be able to get a warning that there is a conflicting reservation for this resourec "RM100".  Searches starting from 2.21.2011 all the way upto 2.23.2011 should warn me. 2.24.2011 would be OK since normally Resource will become available on its last booked day.

I have tried couple of suggestions and created a script using a find with no luck.  Suggested solutins can only find if the new and existing dates are exact match. In other words, If I select 2.21.2011 and end date 2.24.2011 which is the previously entered item, I get a warning, but nothing happens if I key 2.21.2011 - 2.23.2011.  I guess, during a new scheduling entry, I need to be able to find the duration between the two dates, Start and end date.  Then, take the start date and adding 1 to it until I reach the duration and at that time quit.  During this increment for each day, I should check to see if there is any "RM100" or and Start day = Incremented day AND Resources are equal?

I am not sure if explained this clearly but any help would be appreciated.

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