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Finding a name from a long list of names

Question asked by john9210 on Feb 3, 2012
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Finding a name from a long list of names



Finding a name from a long list


I have a database with over a 1,000 names. I store the first and last names and use a formula to calculate the full name. I’m looking for an easy way to find a record. I would like to do a find on the full name, with auto-complete to select the name from a value list. This is very handy. It greatly shortens the list and simplifies finding a name. However, auto-complete does not work on a calculated field. I could use auto-complete on the last name but there is a problem when there is more than one record with the same last name. I could do a find on both the last and first name, but you would have to know the first name that corresponds to the last name. Any suggestions?