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    Finding a name from a long list of names



      Finding a name from a long list of names



      Finding a name from a long list


      I have a database with over a 1,000 names. I store the first and last names and use a formula to calculate the full name. I’m looking for an easy way to find a record. I would like to do a find on the full name, with auto-complete to select the name from a value list. This is very handy. It greatly shortens the list and simplifies finding a name. However, auto-complete does not work on a calculated field. I could use auto-complete on the last name but there is a problem when there is more than one record with the same last name. I could do a find on both the last and first name, but you would have to know the first name that corresponds to the last name. Any suggestions?


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          You can't use a value list on a calculation field and you wouldn't want to do so for data entry anyway. You can use auto-complete on such a field while in find mode as far as I know. Is this a value list where field 1 is an ID number and field 2 is the name? Auto-complete does not work in that case.

          There are several script supported methods you can implement if interested. This demo file illustrates several. One of the methods shown is an auto-complete enabled drop down of names where a script kicks in when you exit the field to look up any records that match the text you enter and either enters the ID number or, in the case of multiple matches, presents the user with a list of names from which to refine your choice by clicking one to select them.