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Finding a record with a script

Question asked by StefaanVerschelde on Feb 22, 2011
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Finding a record with a script


Hi all,

I am a new Filemaker pro user with the latest version of filemaker. I came over from Access.

As you can in Access create a subform in a form where you can find information about the subform. When you double click on the subform, the subform details open in a new form called the subform.

I am trying this in Filemaker but I really can't find out how I have to write the script. Can someone help me?????

The layout is called "Customer" and the related portal is called "Projects" with "ProjectID" as a related record between them.

Now I would like to open de details of the portalinformation in a layout called "Projects"

So the relationship is one to many between Customer and Projects.

Now, I don't want to see all the projects of that customer but only the I click in the portal of layout Customers.

I hope this is clear enough the get an answer.

Many thanks for the replies!