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Finding a specific record

Question asked by Bonnerbl on Jul 19, 2010
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Finding a specific record


Using FM10 and FM11. Have a parent ITEM and child PHOTO. There may be 0-several PHOTO records for each ITEM. I have a layout with all the item info and it includes a portal showing all the photos. In the portal I display the container field with the actual image and defined it as a button. The intent is that if the user needs to see a larger image the user clicks on the image and a larger image appears in a new window.

My initial script was

New window [Name: "Photo Detail"; TOP: 30; Left: 30]

Go to layout ["Enlarged Photo" (ItemPhoto)]

Of course the problem with this is it displays the first photo record it finds in the set, not the specific photo that was selected. So my thinking is I need to set a variable equal to the record id of the image that was clicked, then do a go to PHOTO record where the record id equals my variable.

Am I on the right track?