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    Finding all records



      Finding all records


           I have a database that records the names of people who receive a voucher for food.

           I have (or would like to) be able to extract in a report each time a person/s have made use of the service, the report I have printed out only gives me the current usage but the DB should contain each record of receiving a voucher.


           Thanks in advance for any help.


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               That's a pretty vague description of your problem. You may need to change the design of your table(s)/relationship(s), your layout, or you may just need to set up the correct manual or scripted find to get the results that you need.

               Before we could discuss any of those possibilities, we'd need to know a lot more about what you have currently created and what you are trying to do.

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                 Hi Phil,

                 Thanks for your reply, I am trying to find the history of each client who has received a voucher over the past 12 months.

                 i.e. Joan Bloggs gets a voucher on the 10/01/2013 the next date she can re-apply is in 3 months time. I have entered the data for the first entry, does the first entry get overwritten when I enter the next voucher details.

                 i have only one table.

                 Thanks , wali

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                   You've asked a question that I can't answer as I don't know how you have entered your data. If you create a new record each time a client gets a new voucher that logs the client's ID and the date, then you can perform a find for that client and specify a date range covering the last 12 months. Such can be done with a manual find or a scripted find.

                   And it sounds like you should have two tables linked in a relationship: clients--with one record for each client and vouchers--with one record for each voucher issued. The two tables should be linked by a client id field and then a portal to vouchers on the client layout would list all vouchers issued to that client.