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Finding an inexact result

Question asked by MarkPage on May 4, 2013
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Finding an inexact result



                              I have a simple table with 4 fields. Species; Age; Height; and Yield Class 
                              I want to find the yield class, for a given Species Age and Height. 
                              I have it working if exact numbers are put in for the three fields. Species and age are definitive, but the height I find in the forest may not be represented in the database. For example I may measure a tree and record 21.7m. However in the database 21.7 may not exist - the lower figure may be 20.5 (with a Yield Class of 6) and the next higher figure may be 22.0 (with a Yield Class of 8) In this case the query does not give a result, but I need it to return the lower Yield Class (6 in this case). 
                              Can any one advise how I can get my inexact result, please? 
                              I suspect it's simple, but then I'm a simple guy.