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Finding and notifying of "Already Entered"

Question asked by gldiaz on Apr 29, 2013
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Finding and notifying of "Already Entered"


     I have a need to understand how I would be able to do this.

     I deal with school districts and I try to help teach students varied topics.

     I also travel from city to city and have experienced a situation where as students move up in grade levels, they

     move from one school to another and I've run in to some students also moving around.

     Here's what I am hoping for.

     I am using a contact list from FMkr 11.
     I would like to know by using a ID Number or Driver's Lic. Number or a similar last name "if they don't have either number" a way to have the system tell me that they individual is "Already in the system" thus avoiding  double/ triple entries of this same person. So, if I

     Enter: ID_No: 55544433
     FMK should either check that the number for this person is new or has a record already in the system.
     FMK should help by reporting "55544433 is a new record"  or
     FMK will report "55544433" John Smith, and his record wiill show, allowing me to add new notes to his record.
     What kind of solution would I be looking to use. "A script or a find Duplicate". What might be easiest and best?

     Hope this wasn't too confusing. I just want to know if a record already exist and if not, FMK will allow for a new record.

     Thanks for any input.