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    Finding and notifying of "Already Entered"



      Finding and notifying of "Already Entered"


           I have a need to understand how I would be able to do this.

           I deal with school districts and I try to help teach students varied topics.

           I also travel from city to city and have experienced a situation where as students move up in grade levels, they

           move from one school to another and I've run in to some students also moving around.

           Here's what I am hoping for.

           I am using a contact list from FMkr 11.
           I would like to know by using a ID Number or Driver's Lic. Number or a similar last name "if they don't have either number" a way to have the system tell me that they individual is "Already in the system" thus avoiding  double/ triple entries of this same person. So, if I

           Enter: ID_No: 55544433
           FMK should either check that the number for this person is new or has a record already in the system.
           FMK should help by reporting "55544433 is a new record"  or
           FMK will report "55544433" John Smith, and his record wiill show, allowing me to add new notes to his record.
           What kind of solution would I be looking to use. "A script or a find Duplicate". What might be easiest and best?

           Hope this wasn't too confusing. I just want to know if a record already exist and if not, FMK will allow for a new record.

           Thanks for any input.




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               You can use a global field to enter nay new data, lets say zgn_ID to enter the id number and check existing data of ID_No field by using self relationship with matching field as zgn_ID to ID_No.

               Then you can add an onobjectsave script trigger to that globalfield.

               Script can be like:
               GTRR with match all records in the found set.
               if getlast error is 101
               create new record
               set field Target:ID_No calculated:zgt_ID
               show custom dialog this record already exists in db.
               end if.

               Hope it might help.

               Misha Mahto
               Software Developer
               FileMaker 11 Certified Developer


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                 I recommend that using GTRR like that be with the "match current record" option.

                 If you want to do a name based search, you have to consider the possibility that students may have the same or very similar names as well as the fact that a person's name can take many forms. (I answer to both Phil and Phillip....)

                 A search portal that does partial text matching and displays those records with data from other fields to help the user distinguish one matching record from another may be useful to you:


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                   Thanks for the suggestions,

                   I will be trying them out.

                   Tks again.