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Finding and omitting matching records

Question asked by trialuser1111 on Feb 2, 2010
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Finding and omitting matching records


I am having trouble with a script meant to identify and omit matching records from a search.  The idea is for the script's search to return all the addresses for the various contacts of a given company, and then go through and delete matching records so all I am left with are unique choices--one record for each address.


Here is my current script:


Set Variable [$ID; Contacts::CompanyID]

Go to Layout ["Address Chooser"]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Contacts::CompanyID; $ID]

Perform Find []

Go to Record [First]


   Set Variable [$first; Contacts::Address]

   Go to Record [Next; exit after last]


      Set Variable [$second; Contacts::Address]

      If [$first = $second]

         Omit Record

      End If

   End Loop

End Loop


Theoretically, the first address should be comparing and omitting records until there is no longer a match, and then the second address becomes the new base for comparison and moves on through the results until finished.


I'd appreciate any ideas to execute this more simply or just how to troubleshoot the script if in fact I'm going at this the right way (just incorrectly).


Thanks everyone