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Finding and sorting items in a portal

Question asked by buck_5648798798 on Mar 16, 2011
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Finding and sorting items in a portal



I'm making a Rolodex. The main layout has fields for all the name/address info and a portal that lists all of the contacts.

There is a table called Rolodex and a duplicate table (Rolodex_2).  Rolodex:(autoserial) <-- ≠ --> Rolodex_2:(text field)

I want to insert all the letters of the alphabet as buttons. When the user clicks "H" the first last name that starts with H appears at the top of the portal but all of the other contacts remain. Sort of like the contacts app on an iPhone.

I'd also like to have a find field. The user types "Joe" and clicks a button and all of the Joes show up in the portal. This one seems easy but I'm stuck..