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Finding carriage returns - is this possible?

Question asked by mattb on Sep 1, 2010
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Finding carriage returns - is this possible?


Background:  I'm writing an FMP app in Mac OSX which involves transferred data from a Windows Visual Foxpro program. The FMP file import (from dBase file) routine had a bug in it where it chopped off the first letter of each paragraph contained in a VFP memo field.  This was unacceptable so I used an alternate method of importing the data using ODBC.  This worked fine (more or less) in that it did not chop off the first letter of each paragraph (hence no lost data), but what it did do is insert extra carriage returns in between each paragraph.  I would now like to remove these extra carriage returns from my FMP files.

I tried using the FMP Find function to locate carriage returns by typing Option-7 which displays the paragraph symbol, which I understand is the symbol for a carriage return-line feed (0D 0A) in FMP.  However the Find function doesn't seem to recognize this as a valid Find criteria!

I need to find some automated way of getting these excess carriage returns out of the fields, as it would be way too time-consuming to go record-by-record and manually delete them.  Any ideas??

Matt Bloomfield