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Finding correct remote file path for importing...

Question asked by straka_sh on Aug 10, 2015
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Finding correct remote file path for importing...


We have Excel .xls or .xlsx files automatically exported off our website to our dedicated server that also houses FM Server and our FM Solutions. 

The path was set up by another IT person in house to be done by FTP into a long path saved on this server.  

When we set up the import script, it works great (when logged into the server locally).

However, whenever a client logs into their solution remotely, the script cannot find the file.

So, I have a couple questions (I'm a novice, especially with using the server)...

Please note, if my questions throw you off, please just give me any relevant insight to this...

1) where is the best place to have these files saved to import via script remotely?

*with little knowledge of FTP, it seems to want to force us to save to a specified long path... *do they have to be saved onto the FM Server itself?

2) does the file have to be saved in the "Documents" folder or some other folder to be "found" more easily by the script/remotely by everyone?

3) How do I find the right path to use? I've tried many different variations.  The thing many have in common is: locally they work great, remotely not.