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Finding data in a cluster of fields.

Question asked by adoseofpain on Mar 4, 2010
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Finding data in a cluster of fields.


Hello, I'm currently working with Filemaker Pro 10's trial to see if I can do a layout for the company I work for. We have a variety of layouts needed, but that's not the main focus of  this message. We currently use NUTSHELL in DOS via virtual PC, and as an example, when we select a cell which contains multiple unique fields, and we search, it draws data from all of those unique cells when you search, regardless of where you input the search target in that cell cluster.


I was curious if there was some type of functonality like that in Filemaker Pro Advanced? The reason I have a cluster of different fields mentioned is because when I hit enter in one enlarged field, it won't drop me down to the next line. We also need to be able to edit each line individually, which is why I went for the multiple field approach.


To make it short, I need help with any of the two things:

Can I group a bunch of different fields together and during a "Find", can I search for a specific bit of data inside the collective pool of the fields by inputting it any where in the group?


Or is there a way to have an enlarged data field have different selectable lines with all of them viewable at the same time, and is it possible to be able to do this without screwing up the formatting in the single field?


I appreciate any help I can get.